Today's business world is undergoing rapid change, with the marketplace becoming more competitive due to globalization. Each market, including Japan's is undergoing changes to re-evaluate business and brand value for consumers that have a multitude of options when selecting a product or service. As such, new value can be created by focusing on the brand's unique DNA such as those derived from its regional cultural influences together with the of creation conceptual products with strong design sensibility.

XEEZ partners together with clients to support the growth of profitable business. We provide brand building and strategic consultancy services that help your brand and business become equally competitive and distinctive in the local and global marketplace.

For business that operate across markets, importing and exporting products, information and design, it is important to understand the given countries business landscape and customs, culture and laws in order to ensure a solid foundation for successful growth. Additionally, in today's world success lies in the creation of mutual benefit for both brand and customer.

XEEZ specializes in the development of successful glocal brands which requires partnering to find the most appropriate and innovative people, products, market information and services. We work offer services in both the Japanese and USA markets with offices in Tokyo and New York. XEEZ specializes in leveraging the strength that both markets possess, as locales for innovation and trendsetting. For companies wishing to successfully build their brands, and or access either of these markets, we provide research, analysis, sales and promotional channel development, designer collaborations, brand consultation and partner introductions.

Our clients range from existing brands that require revitalization and innovative strategies as well as new brands that require business consulting and design services from their formative stage.



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